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Company Profile

3DTAC Technologies Inc. operates as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and develops an innovative Real Time Location Technologies (RTLS) using state of the art Radio Frequency Identification Tag Activation Control (RFID TAC™) platform.

The company’s patent protected technology allows the end user to track accurately and simultaneously thousands of objects in three-dimensional space from distances of one meter to over one thousand meters away.

The company’s proprietary RFID TAC™ technology was originally developed by company  founders as a way to locate and track potential enemy threats. Continued research and development has dramatically increased three-dimensional spatial resolution, thereby facilitating numerous commercial applications.

To date, the company has developed a strong patent portfolio in both the United States and Canada.

Company has assembled a world class scientific, engineering and management team with outstanding expertise in electrical and radio engineering, pioneer experience in Wi-Fi technology development and standardization, original GPS technology for security solutions and implementation of fixed asset management.