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Passive UHF RFID  RTLS TAC™ vs. Traditional RFID RTLS

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) is a common buzzword in the world of RFID, but it is important to understand that not all RTLS systems are created equal.


Which solution is right for your business?


These days, most businesses need to locate their items in real-time as precisely as possible, no matter how rapidly the items are moving.


The 3DTAC RTLS solution is differentiated by the fact that we can track an unlimited number of tagged items with precision of up to ½ ft. Since our system generates a virtual wireless grid, no local hardware is required to activate your tagged items. Significantly less local hardware is required to track items tagged with inexpensive passive RFID UHF tags.


But how does the 3DTAC solution compare with existing RFID technologies?

3DTAC systems do not require local hardware at each single location.  It is assembled as antenna’s array above any shelving units or other operational areas, establishing an invisible wireless location grid.
Every item would be tracked at workplace environment with ability for any businesses to control automatically it’s position and ID. No unsightly wires and hardware required on existing shelving.


If you are concerned with accurate tracking of the rapid movement of large quantity of items, or if you need to know where every item is at all times, then RFID TAC™ RTLS is the only effective RFID solution on the market today to suit your business needs.


How Can Accurate RTLS RFID Help Grow Your Business?

The University of Arkansas has identified 60 cases for RFID use in Retail.

What are your business needs? (click to view image in high-resolution)