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CP4-21 Antenna


Wide Bandwidth Ultra High Frequency 865-930 MHz; Circular polarization;

Inexpensive and ideal for the beginners and professionals


Inexpensive RFID circular polarization antenna with good performance, ideal as for beginners and for professional use as well


Dimensions:  220 mm L x 220 mm W x 38 mm H

Connector Type: “SMA” female, requires accessory cable to connect to reader, can be ordered separately

Connector Position: Rear

Mounting bracket: Available separately

Weight: 0.46 kg

Casing: Metal with plastic cover


Freq. Range 865-930 MHz (US and Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan and China)

Gain 7.8 dBi

VSWR 1.06:1 – centre of band 902 – 928 MHz; 1.21 dB – centre of EU band 865 – 868 MHz

Polarization LHCP or RHCP

3db Beam Width 64°

Input Power 34 dBm

Max Power 5 watts


Oper. Temps -0° C to +55° C  indoor use only

Storage Temperature  -40°C to +70° C