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David Greenstein

Director of Operations

In his role, he is responsible for corporate strategy, developments and implementation of best industry practices, with technical expertise across many technology areas. He is also responsible for helping clients with strategic transformation of their business model to take advantage of the newest technologies.

Mr. Greenstein functions as an essential technology and business leader. He maps client business needs to IT wireless and RFID solutions, and advises clients on the most effective methods to meet their strategic business requirements.

As a founding chairman of the IEEE 801.11 wireless committee, he has made significant contribution to the wireless network technology. He continues to work on advance concepts and technologies in areas of wireless networks and applications.

Mr. Greenstein has over 30 years of extensive technology and business management experience. David was a strategy consultant at Computer Associates. Mr. Greenstein was a Senior Consultant at Callisma, a subsidiary of ATT and Linksys/Sisco.

He was Engineering Manager and Enterprise Architect for the Factory Floor Strategic Information Systems at General Motors.  

He holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

He has been rigorously trained for leadership roles by the Gallup Organization, and the Kellogg University Leadership Program. He served on the board of the Manufacturing and Engineering Committee of the National Research Council of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. And he is a published author of several technical articles in both technical journals, and computer industry periodicals.