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Floor Tracking System



  • Antenna Array
  • Antenna Controller  with Imbedded Reader
  • RFID TAC RTLS Software
  • RFID UHF Tags for boxes/pallets


  • Storage floor space mapping
  • Real time location tracking

The system tracks item-level visibility of any asset stored on the floor and generates real-time-location data as required by customers in their custom format.

Systems coverage is based on mapping of floor space. Group of antennas that installed to the ceiling will set precise scalable cell within each system’s module.

Floor 2H cell

Coverage of each module can be from 10 feet x 10 feet to 50 feet x 50 feet. Each cell can have a square or rectangular footprint.

System capable of locate items with preciseness from 2 feet x 2 feet to 10 feet x 10 feet.

Update of items locations can vary from 5 sec till 3 min depending on customer’s needs.