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RFID RTLS TAC™ Passive UHF Tags  Technology Advantages

RFID RTLS TAC™  Readers are the only readers with the ability to accurately read/write Generation 1 and/or Generation 2 tags (labels) at the item level, when these tags are in close proximity to each other. Most competitive readers are accurate at the pallet and/or case pack level, but not at the item level. In addition the 3DTAC Reader knows each items location in real time. Having item level read/write accuracy and real time location information will generate quantum level enterprise benefits for RFID RTLS TAC™  applications.

RFID RTLS TAC™ technology works with all existing passive tags

  • Very Fast reading for large quantity of items
  • Fast report of location of the tagged objects in 3D space
  • Precision equal to size of tag with zoom-in/out capability
  • Unlimited Quantity of Tags in close proximity to each other
  • No line of site required for antennas
  • Data encryption for high level security
  • Existing tags can be remotely read, written, updated at a distance 2-3 times greater then existing technology
  • Multiple Tags signal collusion resolved
  • Multi pass issue of RF signals resolved
  • Lower level of energy consumption