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3DTAC provides consulting services, custom design and integration support of various tracking systems and their components.
Company has assembled a world class scientific, engineering and management team with outstanding expertise in electrical and radio engineering, pioneer experience in Wi-Fi technology development and standardization, original GPS technology for security solutions and implementation of fixed asset management.

No matter if  you are a corporate or a private user, 3DTAC ‘s highly professional staff (PhD and professors) can provide you with the following consultations in:

  • How to start your RFID project
  • advantages and disadvantages of RFID technology
  • ROI you can expect from RFID implementation into your business
  • Main hardware / software components of project block-diagram
  • How to choose the right RFID hardware components for your project – readers, tags, antennas etc.
  • Which  software is right for you
  • Where to order to  save time and money
  • Free consulting services for 3DTAC customers, very reasonable rates for all others

You may  be interested in passive or active tag applications.  If you would kindly provide as much information below as you can it will help us in developing  a solution for you.

  • What problem(s) do you need solved?
  • What or who do you want to track? People? Assets? Equipment?
  • How many people, assets, or equipment do you want to track?
  • What update rate do you require?  Once every thirty seconds? One per second? Or faster?
  • What is the approximate area in square footage or square meters?
  • Temporary or Permanent Installation?
  • Integration required with other systems or sensors?
  • Any special environmental requirements (Temperature, water/dust, shock?)
  • Any other details? 

Please do not hesitate to  contact us if you have any questions or wish to  discuss how to make our company become part of your solution.